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Zero Gas

Zero Gas

Supplies with annual consumption ABOVE 50,000 kWh


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Here at Endesa, we have designed the Zero Gas tariff to give you ways of making interesting savings on your energy bill. We are, therefore, offering you a competitive tariff, which can be adapted to your needs.

Sign up for the Zero Gas tariff and start to make the most of its benefits:

  • Discount of 100% on the Fixed Term in the summer (1) and 10% discount on the Fixed Term in the winter (2).
  • If you are a customer or, if we provide your electricity supply, you’ll benefit from a 2% additional discount on the Variable Term until the end of the contract.
  • Easy to sign up with: no-cost, no changes necessary to your premises and no break in supply.
  • It costs the same as hiring a meter reader.

(1) Summer period (April, May, June, July, August and September).
(2) Winter period (January, February, March, October, November, December).

Zero Gas 3.3  
Fixed Term without discount 54.22 €/month
Variable term without discount 0,042888 €/kWh
Fixed Term SUMMER 100% discount 0.00 €/month
Fixed Term WINTER 10% discount 48.80 €/month
Variable term discount 2% (DF) 0,042030 €/kWh
Zero Gas 3.4  
Fixed Term without discount. 80.97 €/month
Variable term without discount. 0,039776 €/kWh
Fixed Term SUMMER 100% discount 0.0 €/month
Fixed Term WINTER 10% discount 72.87 €/month
Variable term discount 2% (DF) 0,038980 €/kWh

Conditions valid through 31/03/2016


You can have gas and electricity in the same contract package

Electricidad y Gas

Benefit from additional discounts when contracting gas and electricity jointly.


It may interest you to know about our Efficient Lighting

Eficiencia Energética

By using efficient lighting, your consumption and lighting needs will vary and will result in you saving of 80% your lighting wastage.


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