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Change bank account

How to change the account to which we charge your bills

You can amend the bank account to which your Endesa bills are charged at any time. You can also add other accounts and even choose for the bills of some contracts (electricity, for example) to be charged to one account, and other bills (gas, for example) to another.

This is very simple, but you need to access your Private Customer Area. To do this, you need to have registered first. Once in your Private Area, you can check and change your bank details in the My Profile tab, under <Bank accounts and direct debits”.

SEPA Mandate; what is it and how does it affect you?

The SEPA Mandate establishes the Single Euro Payments Area (the 27 EU member states plus 5 more).

This serves to simplify processes, guarantee the security of your banking transactions and normalize commissions.

It affects you when:

  • You change bank accounts
  • You set up a direct debit payment plan for your bills

In both cases you need to authorise us to directly collect a payment from a specific bank account. This signed authorisation is the SEPA mandate.

How to send the SEPA mandate

If we need your SEPA mandate to change your bank account, we will inform you by email. You can also choose the option “Check status” under “Bank accounts and direct debits” in your Private Area. When you do this, check whether you are required to provide us with a SEPA mandate.

You will have to sign the document and email it to the following address: