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How to change the contract holder

If you move house or work centre, you will need to change the bills into your name. Before doing so, there are 3 important things you should know:

  1. The new holder must always apply for the change.
  2. The new holder shall become responsible for the bills. The sum of the first bill is calculated on a pro rata basis.
  3. We do not charge you for changing the contract holder, but sometimes you may have to pay your distribution company. Your distribution company may decide that your installation needs to be checked and send a technician out. If this is the case, they will charge you around 10 euros for the visit. Furthermore, if your electrical installation certificate is obsolete, you may have to pay more to update it.

What is the electrical installation certificate and how much does it cost?

This document certifies that your installation is in order, including details such as a diagram of the installation and the maximum amount of electrical power you are allowed.

It is called the Electrical Installation Certificate (C.I.E.).

If your certificate is over 20 years old, your distribution company may ask you to renew it. To obtain this, you will have to hire the services of an authorised technician, who will charge you between 50 and 200 euros (it is highly advisable to ask for a number of estimates).

I want to change the contract holder

If you are the new holder, you simply have to call us on our free phone number and have the following information to hand:

  • Name, surname, Tax Identification No. (NIF or CIF if it is a company) and a contact telephone number.
  • Point of supply address.
  • Current account to set up the direct debit for your bills (20 digits).
  • Copy of the property title deeds or rental agreement.

800 76 09 09 | Endesa Energía

Are you calling from abroad?

0034 - 937 061 510 | Endesa Energía