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Paper bills vs electronic bills

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As a customer using a number of services, you are probably very used to the concept of bills. However, e-bills are rapidly replacing paper bills as a sign of the modern 21st century.

What are the benefits and why has Endesa’s online bill opened up new doors to the way you manage your accounts and finances in your home?

What is an electronic bill?

The main difference between the two types of documents is the format, since the aim of them both is the same: to provide you with a payment receipt for a contracted service. Electronic bills include a digital signature to verify the authenticity of the issuer of the billed content.

But in addition, without requiring great technical skills, you will be comfortable with the electronic bill since you will not notice any differences with the traditional format in important aspects: the content of the document as a reference source. You can check these details online, therefore, you can access this format as often as you like. And this advantage will also enable you to save space and reduce the number of papers you receive in your post every month.In this regard, by using the e-billing service you will also help to protect the environment, since you will reduce the costs of printing and save paper.

Another benefit of the electronic billing format is how quickly you can receive information, which is just as legal as the conventional format. By choosing this format, customers establish a more direct communication with the company because the response is almost immediate as it is not conditional upon conventional post times.Furthermore, you can still access your bill details even if you are away at any time.

As this option enables you to check your bill details from your mobile device, wherever you are.

Therefore, thanks to this information format, it does not matter where you are located. And this gives you great autonomy and confidence. On the other hand, when you are waiting for a letter by conventional post, you need to be checking to see when the postman has been and you need to be more patient with regard to finding out the content.

However, lots of people are not confident with new technologies, sometimes because of an age factor or other reasons and given their lack of knowledge in this area, they prefer to receive traditional bills in their post within the established periods to then file away their bills in a folder.In other words, electronic bills mark a step forward because the format offers customers a new and valuable service; however, it is you, as the customer, who needs to decide whether this format suits you and your circumstances, since both options are equally efficient.Which option best meets your requirements and expectations?

If you want to choose the electronic model, all you need is an internet connection.

This method of managing your accounts will also enable you to have a better control of your bills, efficiently managing your bills in your household economy and monitoring your monthly electricity and heating expenses.It is easier to find documents and more effective than the paper option thanks to the efficacy of electronic systems that offer so many benefits designed to maximise your convenience.In other words, by accumulating a number of printed bills you are more likely to notice a degree of disorder (you may forget where you put one); this won’t happen if you choose the electronic format.This will make it much easier for you as a customer to find any specific bill for any given month.

The electronic bill format is not just good for accounting purposes; this format also forms part of a new culture that promotes greater awareness regarding the responsible use of available resources.

This billing system based on the most advanced digital technology, will also provide you as a customer with a valid bill for tax purposes. Thanks to the receipt, you can be sure that the source of the bill coincides with the issuing fiscal authority.

Therefore, being able to pay the Endesa’s online bill is also more secure.These include saving in the way you manage your own time and saving electricity consumption in your home too. Furthermore, you can activate the electronic billing service online. Therefore, before beginning, you need to know the contract number for which you are requesting this option.

Both the electronic and physical bill will include information with the following details. Firstly, the power refers to the fixed amount that you as a consumer always pay on your bill; this factor does not depend on your consumption. Therefore, it is very important that you check the power that you really need, based on your lifestyle.

The consumption refers to the part determined by the consumption indicated on your meter reading. Unlike the power, this factor is variable. The bill taxes section outlines the amounts that are added to the total cost. For example, the cost of renting the metering equipment. The information on your bill will help you make decisions, for example, if you have a low contracted power and you are experiencing frequent power interruptions, then you can check this information and ask for an increase and help you to calculate your electricity consumption more easily.