Advantages of the electric vehicle

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Advantages of the electric vehicle

Advantages of the electric vehicle

electric vehicle
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The use of an electric vehicle means a significant savings for the consumer's wallet. Its main economic advantage comes from the type of energy used: electricity. It is much cheaper to charge an electric car than to fill with petrol the tank of a combustion engine car. Therefore, the initial cost involved by buying an electric car is recovered in several years thanks to the savings in fuel, in particular considering the steady price rises of hydrocarbons that occur in the short and mid term.

The data on electric cars is favourable to this clean, sustainable vehicle. Comparing figures, with an average electricity consumption of 15 kWh/100km, charging at the LTR rate price of 0.142319 €/KWh, the cost of charging an electric vehicle would be about 2.1€/100km. And applying the current night tariff, the cost becomes 1€ (we recommend you to review the calculator of the electric car). On the other hand, according to the data from the Institute for Diversification and Energy Savings (IDAE), a small petrol car consuming 6 litres/100km has a cost of about 7€/100km (mean price of petrol in Spain for the year 2010 according to the statistics of the Ministry of Industry, Tourism and Trade).

electric vehicleBesides the savings in fuel, electric cars mean a significant savings in maintenance, as they have not oils or other lubricants, fewer filters, very little wear of brakes and absence of mechanical transmissions, amongst others. In addition, the energy efficiency of the electric vehicle is almost double that of internal combustion. According to the data of the European Commission, an electric car has an efficiency of 60% over conventional engines.

Finally, the significant advantages of electric cars for the environment are to be highlighted, that are also translated into economic benefits, particularly for the community. The most important: the tailpipe of these vehicles does not emit carbon dioxide (CO2), contributing to reduce the greenhouse effect and atmospheric contamination caused by the emissions of conventional cars. In addition, its engines are completely silent and do not suffer vibrations, which helps reduce noise pollution.

That's why we're carrying out intensely focused activities that take shape in agreements with auto manufacturers and public entities, as well as in participation in demonstration projects and I+D+I standardisation projects.

These are some of the reasons for you to get an electric vehicle. Do you want to try?

Learn More About the Electric Vehicle.



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