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A laptop consumes only half as much as a desktop computer

Un ordenador portátil consume la mitad que uno de sobremesa
Laptop computers have evolved to achieve an electricity consumption between 50% and 85% less than that of a desktop computer.

It’s true. The French Environment Agency, ADEME, estimates that a laptop is able to consume at least 50% less power than a desktop computer. However, this saving can even be as much as 85%, depending on the conditions, its use and the possible energy saving characteristics such as Energy Star, which guarantees that the computer will go to standby when it is not being used, thus consuming less than 30 watts.

The miniaturisation of technology and the ever greater energy efficiency have caused laptops to evolve significantly during the last years. This doubtless entails a significant saving for your pocket and fewer CO2 emissions into the atmosphere. What’s more, it is estimated that the most efficient desktop computer will still consume ten times more electricity than the best laptops.

It’s true that desktop computers still have the edge on their little brothers as regards ventilation, a key element that affects their useful life, as the motherboard generates a lot of heat. And the better the ventilation, the lower the computer’s consumption.

In spite of the fact that laptops have improved their cooling systems considerably, they still overheat a lot, causing a negative impact on battery life, bringing about less range and therefore more recharges and more energy consumption.