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You uses less energy to boil water if you start with hot water from the tap

Have you not stopped to think about the extra energy you use by heating the water?

This is a common habit in lots of households: You get to the sink with the pan and leave the hot water tap running for a few seconds – or minutes- thinking that as soon as you put the pan on the heat it will start boiling, as if by magic. According to the OCU (Organisation of Consumers and Users), the only thing that reduces costs is by heating the water with the pan covered. Once it has boiled, the temperature will be maintained even if you turn the heat down. You will use 20% less energy by covering recipients while you cook. Inquisitive people use more. Constantly taking the lid off to see if the water is bubbling yet or checking how the rice is doing only prolongs the cooking time. According to the Spanish Institute for Energy Diversification and Saving (IDEA), hot water accounts for 21% of a household’s energy consumption. Source: IDAE