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The brighter the monitor screen setting, the more energy it consumes

Electricity bills have to be paid, even if it is the result of the screen brightness of your laptop or smartphone and brightness is exactly that, the amount of light reflecting off your device.

Computer geeks know that one of the first ways to save money and make the battery last an entire day without having to be charged is to put the device on battery-saver “dark” mode.
Have a more romantic relationship with your computer or mobile device screen, use a dim light and use only half the amount of energy. Apart from open applications, the screen is the part of your devices that uses most energy.
. In fact, according to a study carried out by Grupo Sia, charging a laptop costs 1.20 euros. And your mobile costs 12 cents. You think this is cheap? 87 euros a year can be cut by half, you simply have to charge them at night.