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Turning down the brightness on your tv helps save power

We’re not asking you to go back to black and white, but just to turn it down a bit to avoid reflections on the screen and to reduce your electricity bill.

Is it worth it? Yes. Especially if you haven’t bothered to enter the menu to adjust brightness and contrast since you installed it. In shops – and this is a first-year Marketing subject–the televisions are set at maximum brightness so that the screens look bright and colourful and attract the buyer’s attention. If you’ve fallen for it, the first thing you should do when you get home is to turn down the brightness. Excessive brightness isn’t only dangerous for your electricity bill, but also for the pupils of your eyes, which have to make an extra effort to adjust. How much is “just right”? About 60%, or maybe even 50%. According to a report by the environmental group WWF, the television is responsible for 13% on average of the home’s power consumption. By taking this step, you can reduce your electricity bill considerably.