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Leaving fluorescent lamps on for a short period of time uses less energy than switching them on and off when needed.

This is the doubt we have every time we go out the kitchen. We try to calculate how long it will be before we go back to pick at something from the fridge or to get a glass of water. We end up switching the light off. And this is what you should do. Saving experts have reached the conclusion that these fluorescent lamps should not be left on for any longer than 5 to 10 minutes.

Although there is a brief power surge when they are switched on, the main problem is that the service life of the lamp when it is switched on and off diminishes, according to the study "Economics of switching fluorescent lamps", published by the magazine 'IEEE Transactions on Industry Applications', which states that the service life of a fluorescent lamp is higher the more active it is between switching. But the wear is not enough to compensate for leaving them on.
Therefore, stop believing the unfounded rumours spread around the internet and switch your lights off whenever you leave the room.