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Keeping the freezer empty uses less electricity

If you think that by only keeping an ice tray and a couple of little bags of peas in the freezer you are going to use less energy, you are mistaken.

In order to understand this, you have to know how a freezer works. The mission is to keep the compartment at a specific temperature. A freezer provides a cold environment which reaches an established temperature and once it reaches this point, its only function is to maintain that temperature. Frozen products help it to do this. Once they are frozen, they act as a second source of cold so it will need less energy and electricity to maintain itself at the recommended -18ºC.
Go crying to your mother and fill your freezer with homemade meals, frozen foods and even bottles of water, if your budget does not allow you to go on a monthly grocery shopping spree. And above all, try not to waste time with the door open deciding what you what to defrost for dinner. Why not take a photograph of the contents with your mobile It is in your interest to do so.
According to the OCU, the fridge is the largest user of electricity (30% of the total electricity bill) and the freezer uses 563 kWh and it is always on.