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Ironing every day consumes more energy

If the pile of ironing calls out to your every day, do not feel bad. Just stare back and tell it that you are trying to save energy and money.

Apart from being a tedious job, your iron is one of the electrical appliances that uses most energy and can even reach a power of up to 1,500 watts and every minute you use it is expensive. When you plug it in, while it reaches 180ºC, which is the temperature required to eliminate deep creases, this is when it consumes the most and in some cases, this process can last up to two minutes.

This is why it is wise to let the ironing pile up until you have nothing left to wear. Or invest in an ironing centre. According to the IDAE, they can use up to 46% less energy than a conventional iron. Other saving tips are to stretch your clothes when you hang them out and iron them during off-peak hours.