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The loss of heat or coldness through closed windows is negligible

You can save up to 30 % in air conditioning

This argument is held up with conviction by those who refuse to put double glazing in or to upgrade windows. They base their argument on a calculation of space and think that when compared with the size of the house, heat is not going to escape through these microscopic cracks. Moreover, they add -feeling very pleased with themselves- that, if people followed this logic, nobody would ever air out their home in the mornings.

They are wrong. A guide on insulating windows from the IDAE (Institute for the Diversification of Energy Savings) mentions up to 30% savings on the air conditioning of buildings arising from well insulated doors and windows.

Perhaps the time has come to consider reforms. According to the OCU, the best option is to use PVC framed double glazed windows with a gap of 4 mm between the panes.

Source: IDAE