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For heating food, the microwave is more efficient than the oven

But nothing is further from the truth. Are you going to compare one minute of electricity at full power with switching the oven on, and waiting patiently for it to heat up, or putting a pan on the hob and waiting for it to boil?br>

You can always find people who question this. There are people who still think that the microwave produces a “false heat”, or that in the end it’s the container that’s always too hot to handle (all too many unsuitable containers are used, but that’s another story).
The numbers prove us right. According to the Selectra Group, using the microwave instead of the oven whenever possible can save us 40 euros a year. It’s logical, as getting the oven up to 225ºC takes 15 minutes. Microwave technology, on the other hand, enables us to heat the food directly withouthaving to warm up any surface. To heat a litre of water up to 90º only needs 0.2 kWh (1.3 cents). If we used the oven for this, it would cost 5 cents.