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You should always preheat your oven when baking

All recipes that involve using this electrical appliance begin with "preheat oven for so long and at a specific temperature while…".

Have cookery books been wrong all this time? Yes and no, but they certainly do not seem to care too much about our electricity bills.

Cooking times that exceed one hour do not require the oven to be preheated for a certain length of time. It would only be recommendable for pizzas or gratinéed dishes, but 10 minutes are sufficient.

Ovens are among the most power-hungry of all electrical appliances. They can reach temperatures of 300ºC in very little time and that costs money. According to the IDEA (Spanish Institute for Energy Diversification and Saving) bills can be reduced by switching the oven off 10 minutes before the established time when the indicated cooking time exceeds one hour. Do not fear - your oven will remain hot during this time.

And remember, the button for the internal light is there for a reason. You do not have to open the oven to check how your roast is doing or fill the kitchen (and the light well) with your aromas. Every time you do this, your oven loses 20% of the accumulated energy and the temperature drops 25ºC. Trust your instinct.