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Do appliances on standby mode use more energy than a freezer?

Imagen de un simbolo de standby
Phantom energy consumption accounts for around €25 per year in every household.

True. And not only more than the freezer. At the end of the year devices on standby mode consume more electricity than computers, ovens and dishwashers . In fact, if >standby were an electrical appliance, it would be the fourth highest energy consumer in Spanish households, almost on a par with washing machines. In terms of electrical appliances, televisions, and Blue Ray or DVD players are the main culprits of phantom energy consumption.

According to a study conducted by IDAE (Spanish Institute for Energy Diversification and Saving href='' target='_blank'>Consumption of the Residential Sector in Spain, phantom consumption accounts for 10.7% of the energy consumption of Spanish electrical appliances, 6.6% of the total energy consumption and 2.3% of households’ total energy.

443 million per year2

If you want to save yourself this money, which never goes amiss, use power strips with switches or, if you are going to purchase a new electrical appliance, choose the most efficient model based on its energy efficiency rating. If you like having full control over your appliances you can measure the consumption of each electrical appliance with an un energy monitor to know exactly how much they are consuming at any given time.