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Time-restriction tariffs enable you to save money on your electricity bill

Now it is worth using high-power consumption electrical appliances such as your washing machine or dishwasher at night or in the morning.

Endesa’s One Tariff not only reduces the cost of electricity during off-peak hours (from 22h to 12h and from 23h to 13h in summer), it also offers additional advantages: 12% discount indefinitely on your electricity bill and additional discounts depending on when you consume more electricity. If half your consumption is during off-peak hours, for every 1% extra energy you consume, you will benefit from a 1% discount.

Is it worth changing to the time-restriction tariff to save energy? Yes. And even more so with the One Tariff that does not “punish" consumers with extreme time restrictions, for example, 8 am or 9 am are reasonable times for many to do their washing or for using the dishwasher after breakfast. The figures endorse a change to the time-restriction tariff. According to a study carried out by the Confederation of Users and Consumers (CECU), you can save up to 180 euros per year. In addition, with the One Tariff you can enjoy even more discounts in addition to those obtained with the time-restriction tariff. You simply need a digital meter. Ask for yours now, Endesa will change it for you.