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Using high temperature settings on your washing machine will make your electricity bill shoot up

Many people think that clothes come out cleaner at higher temperatures, so they use short programmes at high temperatures. But this theory makes no sense.

Quite the opposite, using low temperatures or choosing a “cold wash” programme is one of the few ways of getting your electricity bill down. Between 80 and 90% of the energy of a full-wash programme is used just to heat the water and a wash cycle at 90º uses four times more than the same wash at 40º.

Another way to save money is to fill your washing machine , not excessively though as this is not efficient either as the clothes will not wash properly.

If your washing machine includes an integrated drier (in some homes there is absolutely nowhere to place a washing line and some extremely annoying neighbourhood communities), it is worth changing the drying programme to a high-speed spin cycle, providing it is not an urgent wash.

Changing your old washing machine for an A+++ rated one will also help you save money. The consumption difference between an old one a more efficient one can save you over €60 per year.