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Using a high flame will heat food up quicker

Fogón al máximo
Using lids is what speeds up cooking processes the most.

A look at the state of any kitchen is enough to work out if the person cooking is one of those who turns the gas cooker ring up as far as possible thinking they are saving time and energy. The yellowish tiles, the blackened roof, the burnt bottoms of pots and pans… You may save some time - depending on how you look at it - but in the long run, the cost of gas will be the same as that for those who prefer to do things at a lower heat.

No. Risking burning your eyebrows or lighting up the oil so the cooker turns into an uncontrollable fire serves no purpose at all.

The fact that the flames can be seen beyond the area of the frying pan or saucepan represents a significant waste of heat.

What are the golden rules in reducing expenditure? Turn down the heat to a minimum once the water has boiled, use just the right amount of liquid, use the ring that best suits the dimensions of the saucepan or frying pan.

A good savings plan for a boring day? Devote one afternoon to pairing up each pan or frying pan with its lid - albeit searching through all the the cupboards high up in the kitchen - and always use them. It is the only thing that accelerates the cooking process.