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The stand-by mode on electrical appliances barely consumes energy

Modo stand by de los aparatos eléctricos
They are almost unnoticeable lights, but they definitely use electricity.

There are households where the evening is turned into a festival of light signals. Apple device shines out whitish in the darkness, the light of the mobile we leave on the side table in flight safe mode, the red indicator light on the TV, the green Hi-Fi one, the wii… are tenuous and almost imperceptible, and so the net day we avoid having to fully powered up, but they consume energy nonetheless.

It should be clear that in sleep mode appliances are at rest, they are, but the electricity meter is still running.

According to a report carried out jointly by IDEA and Eurosat, the seemingly harmless stand by function means an annual expenditure of 231 kWh. Taking into account that the average yearly consumption of a computer is 172 kWh or that of a dishwasher is 246 kWh, do your own sums.

A detailed tour at night to turn off any light signal and unplug electrical appliances can lead to a saving of up to 5 per cent in electricity consumption. Pay attention to the TV and games consoles. They are the appliances that consume the most on stand-by.