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It saves more energy washing dishes by hand than in the dishwasher

There is no point wasting your time or money.

Hot water - because nobody wants their extremities to freeze while scouring the plates and dishes etc. of six diners - this consumes more than one simple dishwasher programme. Unless, of course, this is done as in some countries in Europe, which by custom put all the plates, dishes and cutlery etc. in a sink full of soapy water to be washed altogether.

The appliance’s energy category is key. The more green a conscience it has, the better it is for the annual budget. But according to a study from Madrid’s very same Canal de Isabel II, dishwashers use less energy than that needed to “heat up 88.8 litres of water”. It has been calculated that this is the figure spent when washing up by hand. In energy terms, a daily saving of 1.06 kWh is made whenever the dishwasher is put on. Whoever has a calculator nearby can multiply this and work out the annual average.

The OCU has even bothered to put it into money’s worth. And they say that 42.6 euros a year is saved by putting the dishwasher on five days a week.

To rub it in, for the price of not washing up by hand you can afford one good meal out a year, stuffing yourself full…