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Endesa Products

Electricity Tariffs

Find out about our One and Tempo tariffs and start saving on your electricity bills.
We are offering you a wide range of tariffs where you can choose the option that best fits your needs.

  • Saving

    With our tariffs, you will notice the savings on your bills.

  • Ease

    Changing over is very simple, we take care of everything.

  • Without permanence

    If this doesn’t convince you, you can change tariff freely.

Select the tariff the most interests you:

Logo producto One Luz

Don’t break your coconut choosing a electricity tariff.

  • The One tariff has such a good price, it doesn’t need discounts.
  • Without permanence.

Change to One Nocturna, a 100% online time restriction tariff.

  • All your processes 100% online.
  • Without permanence.
Tempo Happy

Change to the Happy Tempo Tariff and choose when to consume free electricity.

  • Choose 2 consecutive hours per day.
  • Or pick one day of the week.
Logo Tempo Siempre Gana

Decide how much and when to save.

  • 5% discount on your bill forever.
  • Additional discounts depending on your consumption.
  • Without permanence.

If you already have a time restriction tariff and you know you consume more during off-peak hours, this is the tariff for you.

  • 5% discount on your bill forever.
  • Without permanence.
Tarifas Tempo Verde

An ecological tariff, 100% renewable energy.

  • 5% discount indefinitely.
  • Without permanence.

If you have a photovoltaic system installed for self-consumption.

  • 25% discount indefinitely on the power unit during tempo hours.
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