How to save water at home

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How to save water at home

How to save water at home

Water saving
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Water saving starts at home. For this we must adopt respectful, efficient habits with daily water use, not only for managing and rationalising this resource, but also to save energy and, why not, money. All you need to do is to implement a number of simple technological and behavioural tips to reduce water consumption. Discover them!

With such a scarce, valuable commodity, it is best to follow a series of recommendations to save water at home. And the best way is to follow the tips of our video to Save water, where we explain to you in detail the best saving habits. Press play!



We summarise the best tips for saving water:

  1. Shower rather than bathing and remember to turn off the tap whenever you are not using it.
  2. Install buffers or flow reducers in the taps and cisterns.
  3. Use the washing machine and the dishwasher responsibly.
  4. If you wash the dishes by hand, do it with two sinks or basins.
  5. Do not abuse detergents, bleach or polishing products.
  6. Defrost in the fridge and not under a stream of tap water.
  7. Recycle used oil and do not dispose of it down the sink or bath medicines or other substances that contaminate water.
  8. Choose plants with a sustainable growth adequate for the climate where you live.
  9. Install a rainwater retention tank.


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