Saving energy at the office: raising awareness in workers

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Saving energy at the office: raising awareness in workers

Saving energy at the office: raising awareness in workers

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In the work environment we make significant energy consumptions, many times uncontrolled. With an energy savings campaign we can try to fight this situation.

  1. The first to do is to set one or several realistic objectives; once they have been achieved, other more difficult goals may be approached, but in principle it is important to achieve minor advances that motivate everybody.
  2. Some of the most effective ideas are related to the control of the habits of workers and do not require any economic investment, which can facilitate implementation in these times. For instance, turning the light and the PCs off at lunchtime or making a moderate use of air conditioning and heating.
  3. To disclose these objectives and how to implement them, you can use the internal communication media of the company, after receiving authorisation from the Communication and Human Resources department: notice board, e-mail, Intranet, posters in areas of communal use, corporate magazine, etc. Do not forget to include some data to support the project; this helps people become aware and value their contribution, no matter how small, as something really useful. For instance, according to the data of the Institute of Diversification and Energy Savings (IDAE), each temperature degree lowered in heating or increased in air conditioning can mean a savings of up to 7%.
  4. Motivation is important and can be stimulated by a committee working for implicating others and also through competitiveness, creating teams that compete for meeting the requirements set in the campaign and obtaining a reward or congratulation periodically.
  5. The committee is a good instrument to promote campaigns, propose ideas and collaborate to implement and control them. In addition, it can become a channel to involve all company levels.

Do not forget to evaluate and report the results!

An example of a successful awareness-raising campaign is the programme implanted by an SME of the R&D industry, through which workers obtained additional incomes for using the public transport, the bicycle or car sharing on their way to or from work. If 1% of the travels in private cars were replaced by public transport, annual savings of 17 million Euros in energy costs would be achieved.

Come on! We look forward to hear your experience.


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