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Online bill payment

From here you can manage all your processes without having to register We need you to provide some details about your contracts, bills, etc.

What you will need in order to submit your meter reading

1. Your contract numberUou will find it at the top of all your bills.

2. The meter readingYou will find this where your meter is located and you are entitled to access it in order to take the meter reading and write it down.

3. TimeSufficient time to enable us to issue your bill correctly. The deadline is 10 working days before the billing period begins.

PFor example, if you are billed between the 1 and 31 of each month, your term would begin around the 18 of the preceding month (depending on how the weekends fall).

The details you send are valuable and will be taken into account however; there are a series of rules:

  • A meter reading taken by a technician will always be given priority.
  • If the technician’s reading is not available, the readings you have provided will be used.
  • If these are not available either, we will carry out an estimate.

Would you like to know more about estimated bills, how they are calculated and why they exist? This is explained in this content.