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I never received my bill

I never received my bill

If you haven't received your bill, maybe it hasn't been issued yet.

To find out if it's been issued you should enter your Customer Area, where you will see a list with all your bills and the status of each.

The bill hasn't been issued

  • You'll have to wait until it's issued. Depending on your contract, this will be once a month or once every two months.

The bill has already been issued

  • You have digital billing, and it's on its way to your e-mail.

You can find out whether you've got digital billing in your Customer Area, where you can also deactivate it if you wish.

In this other section  you can check which e-mail address we're sending your electronic bill to.

  • We've got your details wrong.
  • You can correct them in your Customer Area.
  • The contract isn't activated.
  • Only bills from activated contracts are issued. You can check the status of your contracts in this other section.

If your bill has been issued, your contract is activated, you don't have digital billing and your details are correct, you can file a complaint.

On the form below, select as type "Complaint", category "Billing", and subject "Delay in receiving my bill". We will reply within 5 working days: