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How do I sign up for a supply for a new home or business?

How do I sign up for a supply for a new home or business?

Have you bought a home and need to activate electricity and gas supplies? Do you need electricity and gas for your business? In the following we give you the information you need to sign up online.

If you're already an Endesa customer, in the first step of the form we can recover your data. This will make it easier to complete the contracting process.

  • Your personal information and supply number, or in its place, the CUPS.
  • Name of the Marketing Company with which your supply is contracted.
  • You should select the capacity you need and indicate if you want Rate Discrimination.
  • Documentation, in the case that it is necessary for sign up. We provide you with a help document regarding the information that must be supplied based on the product type and the area in which you are located.
  • Enter your payment information, account number (20 digits), the IBAN or BIC (in the case that you're from abroad), as well as the information necessary for direct debit of bills.

If you are not the contract title hold, you must also provide us with:

  • Electricity or gas contract number.
  • First 4 digits of your bank account Name of the bank where electricity or gas direct deposit is set up.

If you contract additional maintenance services together with your electricity or gas contract, we'll request the corresponding information regarding equipment.