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My contract with Endesa is not yet active

My contract with Endesa is not yet active

There’s a maximum turnaround time of 1 month between making the contract and the contract being activated.

You can check whether your contract is active by entering your Customer Area.

These are the different situations that might apply to your contract:

  • Operative: the contract is active.
  • Pending modification: you’ve requested a change (address, power, etc.).
  • Pending disconnection: you’ve requested disconnection and it’s still pending.
  • Pending change of titleholder: you’ve requested a change of titleholder and it’s still pending.
  • Disconnected: it’s been disconnected and is no longer active.
  • Pending cancellation: you’ve requested cancellation and it hasn’t been completed yet.
  • Pending activation: pending acceptance by the distributor.

If 1 month has passed and your contract hasn’t been activated yet you can file a complaint.

On the form below, select as type “Complaint”, category “Contract” and subject “Delay in enabling supply”.

We will reply within 15 working days: