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Does the Rate Subsidy need to be renewed?

Does the Rate Subsidy need to be renewed?

In October 2017, the Social Rate eligibility criteria changed.

Those that had the Social Rate before October 2017, will have to renew it in accordance with the new criteria. They have until October 8, 2018 to prove they fulfil the criteria. They will continue to receive the Social Rate during this period under the same conditions as before. If by October 8 they have not been able to prove that they fulfil the new criteria, the regulated tariff (PVPC) will be applied without discounts.

The Social Rate is valid for 2 years from when it is granted. After this period, customers will have to prove they still fulfil the necessary eligibility criteria.

There is an exception for large families. They must renew the social rate when the large family card is due to expire. In these cases, the reference reseller company will send a letter, 60 days before the Social Rate expires.

Content updated according to Royal Decree-Law 15/2018, of October 5, on urgent measures for energy transition and consumer protection.

Important information for beneficiaries of the former Social Rate (prior to October 2017).

According to the latest regulatory changes published by the Government, we inform you that if you have NOT applied to renew your conditions before 8 October 2018:

  • Your supply will start to be billed at the regulated PVPC rate without discount.
  • And if you apply for your renewal between 8 October and 31 December 2018 and you are finally allocated the social bond, it is possible that your invoices for the months of October, November and December will not reflect the discount, but it will be applied retroactively in subsequent invoices.