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What should I know before changing contracted capacity?

If you need to modify the electricity capacity that you have contracted, you should be aware that:
  • According to RD 19955/2000, the consumer can request only one lowering of capacity per year.
  • The installation must comply with current regulations. This consists of having a ICP (Power Control Switch), and of complying with the regulatory technical and safety standards.
  • If the installation is more than 20 years old, the Distributing Company can request that it be checked and that the pertinent certifications be provided.

Modify your electrical power has a cost:

  • Around 11 euros for decreasing the power the process, no matter how much you decrease it.
  • Around 45 euros per kW of increased power.
  • Depending on your distribution company, they may also charge you for other processes or deposits.

In the following content, we tell you everything you need to know:



Before making a claim...

If you think the the consumption billed is to high or the reading is not correct, we can help you. But before filing a claim, check the following:
  • Check actual reading on your meter to contrast it with that billed. We remind you that it is not necessary to provide us with readings unless the meter is not accessible to be read. From April 1, 2013 onwards, billing will be every other month (bimonthly), based upon the actual readings of your energy consumption. This will eliminate estimations regarding consumption on bills. 
  • Check your consumption history from previous years. The comparison should be made based on total KWh billed, not on prices, since these can vary.  If your consumption habits have not varied, the consumption curve will evolve without marked changes.
  • Check that your meter is functioning correctly. Disconnect your entire electrical installation and check that after 10 minutes the meter no longer registers any consumption. In order to be sure, you can request verification from the
  • If you submitted your meter reading and it does not correspond to the consumption shown on your bill, it is likely that your reading did not arrive in time to use when issuing your bill.
  • If we are billing you based upon actual readings, it is not necessary that you provide us with your reading. If you would like to do so regardless, you must enter your reading within 10 business days prior to the next billing period. However, if we have an actual reading available the estimate will not be valid for billing.
  • If for any reason the agent was unable to take the actual reading from your meter, you will have 60 days to provide it. Once this time has transpired, your bill will be based on an estimated reading.


How can I make a claim?

If you wish to file a claim or express your discontent regarding an Endesa service or product, we provide you with My Endesa, a private area where you can quickly and easily carry out all of your transactions. You'll access your bill history, control your spending and you can follow-up on all of your transactions with Endesa.
If you're not yet registered, go to My Endesa and provide us with your information. This will only take a moment. You can also send us your request through My Endesa with no need for registration. In this case we will ask you to provide us with some identification information.
Once the request is received and registered, you can consult the progress of its resolution through My Endesa.
Prior to sending us your claim, please in all cases keep in mind the following simple considerations.


How can I find out the status of my claim?

Once your claim has been made, you can check its status through My Endesa in the Transactions section, through the Solve in Just One Minute section that you will find at the home page and through the Online Transactions section.
You´ll have your claims history. You can find the date on which you made the claim, the description, the status and the type of transaction All Transactions will have a different identifying Code


What are the time limits for filing a claim?

All claims are addressed as soon as they are lodged and within a maximum period of 21 working days.

Below are the deadlines, according to the type of claim:

Interruption or cancellation, billing, metering devices and incorrect response 5 working days
Payments, data protection (LOPD), contract registration and online processes 15 working days
Gas supply, installation, service received for a contracted product and sales 21 working days


What other options do I have to file a claim?

If you are not satisfied by the response to your claim, there is the option of accessing the Consumer Arbitration System in the Autonomous Communities of Catalonia, Aragón and Andalucia, under the conditions to which Endesa adheres.


What to ARCO rights include?

  • Right to Access: citizens have the right to direct themselves to the party responsible for the file in which their data is stored, in order to request the following information:
  • If their personal data is being subjected to any treatment.
  • The aim of said processing.
  • Information about the origin of their data and transfers made or planned to be made to third parties.
  • Right to Modification and Cancellation: the owner of the data may request that the party responsible for the data correct this data in the case that there is an error, the data is incomplete, inadequate or excessive. The data owner may also request that their personal data be cancelled.
  • Right to Oppose: citizens may oppose the use of their data by third parties for any type of processing. This is a legal instrument.
Exercise your ARCO rights at "My Endesa".