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Electrical box

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Electrical box

What does the acronym ICP mean?

This is the acronym for Power Control Switch, which is the main element of what we refer to colloquially as the “electrical panel”. As its name suggests, it serves to prevent damage to your installation in the event of a power surge. When it detects an excess of power, it interrupts the supply: that is, it cuts the electricity when you try using more power than what you have contracted. Thus, it prevents the electrical installation from breaking and from causing material or personal damage.

Smart meters already have a device for controlling power incorporated into their remote management system.

You can find out more details on the PCS by clicking here.



What does the acronym ID mean?

The Differential Switch is another element of the electrical panel which serves to interrupt the passage of electricity in the event of a leakage of current to ground. That is, it protects the installation in the event of any abnormality in the installation or if any electrical appliance is faulty.

You will recognise it as it has a rotating lever or push button. There is usually one for each installation. However, if your home is very large, there may be two or three to control different areas.



What does the acronym PIAs mean?

Small Automatic Switches control the arrival of electricity to the various circuits in your home: lighting, electrical appliances, plugs, etc. They are always together in the electrical panel. When they detect an excess consumption in a certain part of the home, they are automatically disconnected, leaving only that particular area without electricity, not the entire property.


What does the acronym IGA mean?

The Automatic General Switch is an element that is only present in recently-installed electrical panels. It is responsible for ensuring that you do not exceed the maximum power supported by your installation, that is, the power it has been built to support, not the power you have contracted. For instance, even if you have contracted 10kW, if your installation can only take 6kW, the AGS will cut off the electricity when this figure is exceeded.