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Why has the price of electricity raised so much in the last 5 years?

Why has the price of electricity raised so much in the last 5 years?

Since 2005, the average electricity bill has increased by 71%. Therefore, a customer who paid €59 that year, will currently be paying €100, although the items that the bill includes have not all risen by the same amount. Let’s take a look at how the different components have evolved:
The components associated to the power supply, which include the cost of energy in addition to its distribution and delivery to the end consumer, have risen by 12% since 2005, while the overall cost of living in that same period has risen by 24.3%.
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However, the increases in taxes and other charges not directly related to the electricity supply (such as subsidies for renewables, payment of the accumulated deficit, or taxes included in the electricity bill), have increased by 189% since 2005.
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In summary:
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