Green energy

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Green energy

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Green energy

What is green energy?

Endesa procures the amount of energy equivalent to that consumed by the customer's supply from power plants that generate using renewable sources and high efficiency co-generation.
Evidently, it cannot be guaranteed that the energy going into the customer's supply comes from a renewable source, since within the grid energy from all sources is mixed together. What can be guaranteed is that for the quantity of energy consumed by the customer, an equal amount has been generated using renewable sources and high efficiency co-generation.
Renewable Energies: Hydro, wind, solar...
High efficiency co-generation: When an industry needs to consume resources to generate heat (for example gas), it uses these same resources to generate electricity.
A small number of additional resources are used in the production of this electricity, which would have been required regardless for the production of heat alone.


How is the functioning of green energy communicated to the customer?

Message on bill:
"Energy equivalent to that consumed on this bill has been generated from renewable
sources and high-efficiency co-generation.
For more savings, we recommend that you move as much consumption as possible to
Super Off-peak hours (1-7h) and avoid peak hours (13-23h).
For more information you can call customer service or visit"
 In the price annex:
All of the energy supplied during the validity of this contract will be denominated as "Green Energy" under the features and conditions presented in the following:
  1. Endesa Energy S.A.U. will accredit, in the terms detailed in sections 2, 3 and 4, described below, that an amount equal to the total electrical energy consumed at the Supply Point, beginning at the point of supply contraction, and throughout the time during which the supply contract is valid, will be generated from renewable energy sources and from high efficiency co-generation.
  2. The aforementioned accreditation will be granted through guarantees of origin. The entity responsible for guarantee issuance and management in the national territory is the National Energy Commission.
  3. Endesa Energy, S.A.U. commits to carrying out an annual request for the assignment of the guarantees of origin corresponding to the Customer (write-off by redemption), for an amount equal to the energy consumed at the Supply Point, with this contract, during the previous calendar year.
  4. According to the legislative development of orders ITC/1522/2007 and ITC 2914/2011, and the bulletin 6/2012,
National Energy Commission, the Customer may access their concrete annotation for guarantee of origin assignment, for all previous calender years, though the web page of the National Energy Commission, by providing their CUPS or their NIF/CIF. In addition, Endesa Energía, S.A.U. will make this known to the Customer in the electrical energy bill as established in the current regulations."


How can the customer ascertain the green energy origin guarantee?

The National Energy Commission (CNE in its Spanish acronym) accredits the origin of energy through origin guarantees.
Customers can check their guarantees directly on the CNE website by introducing their CUPS and their NIF.
This information is updated at the start of the year with the previous years consumption, such that one year's consumption cannot be seen until approximately April of the following year.
A customer who signs up in 2012 can see the guarantees through December 31, 2012 beginning approximately in April of 2013.