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How does my One Rate contract price evolve? For electricity capacities > 10 kW

How does my One Rate contract price evolve? For electricity capacities > 10 kW

The My Contract price referring to the One Rate can be updated on January 1st following contracting with the real CPI value (latest general inter-annual Consumer Price Index published officially at the time of update) as well as due to variations undergone by current regulated components that are applicable to electricity and gas supplies, as well as new components that may be legislatively approved.
If there are modifications in your contract price, these will be passed along to the customer for both increases and decreases. This type of modification is regulated and is completely beyond Endesa's control. It is applied equally to the entire national territory and to all companies.
In addition, the price may be reviewed following one year of contracting. This will occur on April 1st or October 1st of each year. If there are changes we will communicate them to you with a month of anticipation. Remember that you can cancel the contract at any time and contract another rate from Endesa or from any other company.

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