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What properties are excluded from the Energy Efficiency Certification?

What properties are excluded from the Energy Efficiency Certification?

The following are excluded from the scope of application:
  • Buildings and monuments officially protected because they form part of a declared environment or as result of their specific architectural or historic value.
  • Buildings or parts of buildings used exclusively as cultural areas and for religious activities.
  • Provisional constructions with an expected usage duration of two or less years.
  • Industrial, defence or agricultural buildings, or parts thereof, which are to be used for workshops and industrial, defence and non-residential agricultural processes.
  • Isolated buildings or parts of buildings with a total surface area of less than 50 m2.
  • Buildings bought for major remodelling or demolition.
  • Existing housing buildings or parts thereof, which are in use for less than four months out of the year, or during a limited time of the year and with an expected energy consumption of below 25% of that which would result from year-round use, so long as this is recoded in a declaration of responsibility from the property's owner.

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