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Why should I sign up for the OKGas service?

Why should I sign up for the OKGas service?

Because other similar contracts cover only the boiler and not the installation, or cover only maintenance and not repairs. Endesa takes care of everything.

In addition, the OKGas maintenance service includes the distributor's Legally Obligated Periodic Inspection, if you have gas with Endesa (cost valued at €50).

Because you can pay in easy quotas on your gas bill, with a 50% discount during the first year.

Because you'll have an Endesa Grid professional and rigorous internal controls, both for the quality of service and for the satisfaction of our Customers.

Because you'll avoid costs for labour and transportation, for up to 3 hours (parts charged to Customer) in the case that a repair of the installation or gas equipment is necessary. Unlimited repairs.

Because you'll have flexibility in arranging the time of the visit.

In exceptional circumstances, if the repair time exceeds 3 hours we promise to provide a free prior quote for any repairs.