Digital smart meter

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Digital smart meter

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Digital smart meter

What are remote management meters or smart meters?

Remote management meters or smart meters are:

  • Smarter: They enable consumption to be read and operations carried out remotely.
  • More flexible: They enable contracted tariffs to be adapted to consumption habits.
  • More efficient: They enable information to be provided about consumption in order to facilitate savings and the responsible use of energy.

Having a smart meter installed does not involve having the remote management system enabled, i.e., integrated into the remote management system.

The installation of the new remote management meters is established in Royal Decree 1110/2007, Order ITC 3860/2007 and IET 290/2012, which establishes that distribution companies have until 2019 to change the current meters when the power is lower than or equivalent to 15kW to new meters capable of being managed remotely.



Does the installation of the smart meter involve any cost?

No, the installation of the new meter is totally free.


Will changing to the smart meter change any of the terms and conditions of my contract?

No, the terms and conditions of your contract will remain the same.


How will I know if my smart meter is integrated into the remote management system?

The smart meters were first installed in our country in 2010 and all homes should have one installed before 2019. Your Distributing Company is responsible for installing your new meter and they will send you a letter informing you of the installation.

At Endesa we have designed a specific communication plan to keep you informed at all times of the process being carried out for changing your meter.

To this end, when the devices are going to be replaced in your area, you will receive a letter informing you of the date on which the meter will be replaced.

Once your meter has been integrated into the remote management system we shall start billing you per hour and we will inform you by sending a letter with the first bill you receive with this new billing system. 

  • An operator authorised by Endesa will visit your home to replace the meter.
  • Power will be interrupted briefly while the meter is being changed. Once it has been changed, the new meter will be operational immediately.
  • Once the process has been completed, you will receive a second confirmation letter, officially informing you that you now have a smart meter.
  • Remember, the installation is free. You do not have to pay the operator that installs the meter.


What does it mean if my smart meter is “connected” or “integrated”?

It means that the remote management system has been enabled (consumption can be read remotely), therefore, as the meter can be read remotely, a technician will not have to physically read your meter and you will not have to provide the reading either.  Therefore your bill will be absolutely precise with real readings.  

Remember that just because you have a smart meter installed, this does not mean that it is “connected” or “integrated” into the remote management system.