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How can I find out if I can benefit from a tax reduction in my supply bills?

How can I find out if I can benefit from a tax reduction in my supply bills?

You must verify that the first number of the epigraph of the Economic Activities Tax (IAE) corresponds to divisions 1, 2, 3 or 4*.
*1.- Energy and water, except for electrical energy production groupings / 2.- Extraction and transformation of non-energetic minerals and derivative products. Chemical industry / 3. - Metal transforming industries: precision mechanics / 4.- Other manufacturing industries receiving natural gas in industrial complexes, regardless of their use. The natural gas used for useful thermal energy is not considered to be industrial use is aimed at non-industrial external buildings (houses, hospitals, shopping centres).
Once this data has been verified and if this corresponds to any of the above divisions, the new regulations, Spanish Royal Decree 1041/2013 of 27 December, should be applied, that specifies that for your supply to benefit from the tax reduction, you should notify this professional use to the Reseller Company.
Then you should send a copy of the notification made to the Reseller Company to the Special Tax Management Office of the Tax Agency (AEAT) for the address where the installation where the supply consumed is located.

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