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Tempo Always Win

What are the Tempo periods?

These periods include the hours between 22:00 h and 12:00 h in winter and 23:00 h and 13:00 h in summer.


periodos horarios


How much electricity is normally consumed during these hours?

Half the electricity in an average household is normally consumed during Tempo hours. Therefore you may already be consuming more than 50% of your electricity during these hours and can therefore benefit from an additional % discount without changing your consumption patterns.

But furthermore, with a few small changes to consume more during these hours, you will be able to benefit from even greater discounts on your entire consumption.

Below are few useful tips for you:



What if I do not consume more than 50% during Tempo hours?

Nothing at all, you will still benefit from a 5% discount on your bill and there is no penalty for not reaching the 50% consumption during Tempo hours.



If necessary, when will my meter be changed?

If the meter is old, an operator will visit your home/business within one or two weeks to change the meter, or to re-programme it depending on the model. If the operator has to change it, you will be informed as the power has to be interrupted for a few minutes (approximately 5 minutes) while the meter is removed and the new one is installed. If it is a new meter (smart meter) and it is already connected, the change is carried out remotely and nobody will need to physically change the meter. The change will be carried out within one or two weeks.



How can I tell if my meter is an old one or a digital one?

If your meter was an old model, you will notice that the new device is more modern and it will have a digital screen. If the meter was already a digital model, you will notice a screen with changing data. You have to look at the code: If 1.18.1 and then 1.18.2 appears, it means that you have the tariff for two time periods activated. 1.18.1 is for the reading for on-peak hours and 1.18.2 is the reading for off-peak hours. On some meters 1.18.3 may appear instead of 1.18.2 for the off-peak consumption, but what is important is that two codes appear 1.18.0)



Where does my bill show how much I have consumed during Tempo hours?

The meter reading section of your bill will indicate the consumption by time segments. You will also see a graph that outlines the consumption ratio in Tempo hours compared with the total consumption.

The bill will also reflect a discount when you have consumed more than 50% during Tempo hours.



What if I want to change to another tariff?

If you change to another 2.0DHA time restriction tariff (previously called Nocturnal), you do not have to change anything with your meter and it does not involve any cost, whether you are with Endesa or another company. If you do want to change to another time restriction tariff (2.0A) or Super Off-Peak (2.0DHS), you will have to pay the connection charges. In this case, they will not be refunded by Endesa as it does not form part of this campaign. However, when you try this tariff you will not want to change as you will see the benefits.



Is it expensive to charge my electric vehicle?

This tariff will enable you to maximise your savings by charging any electric vehicle during super off-peak hours (between 1:00 and 7:00h), so it will be ready for you to use in the morning.