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What is the yearly Periodic Check?

What is the yearly Periodic Check?

These are annual preventative visits to check the state, the safety and the correct functioning of the home's individual gas and heating installation, according to that set forth in the applicable legal and technical regulations.

This operation will include:


  • Obligatory RITE check for all equipment included within the service.
  • Check of all installation components (valves, supports, tubing, nozzles, venting, etc.) and of the necessary adjustments to guarantee safety and reduce consumption, problems or future failure of equipment.
  • Check of the installation's water tightness and security components.
  • Check and adjustment of the functioning of the gas boiler/heater, and as the case may be, of the heating and radiator's hydraulic circuit, together with combustion analysis, with the delivery of a results ticket.

The cost of the aforementioned check, as well as travel time to carry out the check, are included in the OKGas service.