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Frauds with the Social Rate through malicious websites

Several pages pretend to be Endesa and ask for money to apply for the Social Rate for electricity.

Applying for the Social Rebate is an absolutely free process. Do not pay anyone money for this process and don't trust pages outside of Endesa.

Several websites with fraudulent intentions have recently been detected by Endesa.

Specifically, they offer information about the Social Rebate on electricity, an important discount on the electricity bill, for which a series of requirements must be complied with (regulated by the Government).

In reality, these pages are nothing more than bait to lure you in and ask for 59 euros to start the application, offering you the possibility of immediately paying with a credit card.

In light of this scam, it is important to remember 2 fundamental questions:

  • 1. Applying for the Social Rebate is free. At no time should anyone charge you anything for starting, continuing or completing the processes.
  • 2. Through the following link, you can check out all of the information about the Social Rebate: who can benefit from it, how to apply for it, and what documentation you need.

Applying for the Social Rebate does not cost anything. Never pay to carry out these processes.