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What do you do when the electrical system breaks down?

What do you do when the electrical system breaks down?

The electrical system in your home is sufficiently important and delicate that maintenance and repairs should be left to professionals.

The best way to avoid alarm is to call an expert when something is not working, just as you would do with gas boilers or tick the boxes.

The following are the most common malfunctions in an electrical system:

However, if you have no light, it is not always due to a defect in your installation. There could be a problem with the network. A quick way of finding out is to check if your neighbours have light (or if the light on the stairs or in other common areas is working).

If the breakdown is affecting the entire building, or even the entire street, it is a problem with the network and you need to contact the distributor. Under the "Breakdown" section of our customer care page, you'll find a drop-down menu where you can determine which number to call (it depends where you live).

If you are the only one affected by the outage, the problem is in your installation. What do you need to do then? The safest thing to do is call a specialist, although prices vary significantly and may be high, especially if you need an electrician to come immediately.

The solution is an electrical maintenance service like OkLuz Assist. Unlimited electrical repairs, travel and 3 hours of labour included. You can call any day and time of the year: if it is urgent, a professional will be at your home in less than 3 hours.

OkLuz Assist also includes one household appliance repair per year and two handyman services per year.

You can pay it as part of your Endesa lighting bill; during the first year you will get a 50% discount: