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What do you do if the boiler or gas system breaks down?

What do you do if the boiler or gas system breaks down?

Many things can malfunction with a gas supply. First, we must differentiate between the boiler and the system (pipes, rubber components, shut-off valves, etc.). We must also distinguish between breakdowns which only affect your house (those of the boiler and your installation) and those that also affect your neighbours (breakdowns in the network).

In the event that there is a problem with the supply network, you will need to contact your gas distributor. The distributor will be different depending on where you live. Using our interactive map, you can determine what telephone number you’ll need to call.

Conversely, for a problem with your installation or boiler, you will need to call a professional to fix it. No one wants to spend a long time without heat or hot water, which is why you will probably need them to come as soon as possible. If you do not have a contract maintenance service, this could be very costly. On a holiday, travel alone could cost you approximately €100.

That’s why it is useful to have a comprehensive maintenance service like OkGas. You will get a toll-free number (900 85 86 85) which you can call any day or time. If it is urgent, a specialist will come to your house in less than 3 hours to fix the malfunction.

Instead of searching on the Internet for random emergency services, you can use our technicians, who have passed all of Endesa’s checks and offer the corresponding reputation and guarantees.

With OkGas, the number of repairs is unlimited: if you have a problem, you call and we take care of it. Travel and the first 3 hours of labour is free. It is rare for breakdowns to arise that require more than 3 hours of labour, but if this does occur, we promise to first propose a budget free of charge in order for you to determine if you are interested.

You can pay for the service as part of your Endesa gas bill and for the first year you’ll get a 50% discount: