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When do you need to have the gas system inspected?

When do you need to have the gas system inspected?

If you have natural gas heat and/or hot water, you'll need to have a series of technical checks. On the one hand, there is the boiler review. On the other, there is the mandatory system inspection.

This section will inform you about the differences and costs of inspecting the boiler and the gas system.

The system inspection is the responsibility of your distributor company. It is mandatory to have an inspection once every 5 years. Your gas distributor company will be the one to contact you to inform you that it is due. 

You will receive a letter from your distributor informing you that you need to do the mandatory inspection. You will have a choice: you can allow a technician sent by the distributor to do it, or get another authorised specialist. The cost varies according to the autonomous region, but it will be around €60.

If what you want is to have the entire system checked and included in a single package, the solution is a maintenance service like OkGas. You'll have all of your potential issues with the gas covered:

  • Mandatory periodic inspection: you won't have to pay for this because it is included in OkGas.
  • One review per year which includes your boiler, your gas system, and your heating system.
  • An initial diagnosis of your entire system, your boiler, and your heating system (including hydraulic system as well as the radiators).
  • Urgent and unlimited resolution of breakdowns: service number active 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

You can pay for the service as part of your Endesa gas bill and for the first year you'll get a 50% discount: