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Connection to Gas Pipeline

Connection to Gas Pipeline

Natural gas is a clean and efficient energy source with which you will obtain significant immediate savings on your energy bill and will reduce contaminating emissions.


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Connection to Gas Pipeline

Conexión a gasoductos

A safe and efficient supply

Why use natural gas?

Natural gas is a clean and efficient energy source with which you will obtain significant immediate savings on your energy bill and will reduce contaminating emissions. Gas projects are the set of installations and equipment necessary to allow calorific energy to arrive in the best state possible to consumption centres.

Connection to gas pipeline

If you have access to the gas pipeline network:

  • Regulation and Measurement Station (RMS): Conducts gas from the feeder to the GRI. Measure the quantity and pressure of incoming gas, and reduce from the distribution pressure to the pressure necessary for use in installation appliances.
  • Gas Receiver Installation (GRI): ): Set of conduits and accessories comprised between the RMS and the valves of the consumption appliances (included).

Advantages for your business

  • Profitability: You can obtain minimum savings  of 10%, as well as increasing the useful life of your appliances.
  • Care for the environment: : Natural gas is the fossil fuel with the lowest environmental impact of all those used.
  • Improved supply: You can obtain a safe, continuous and high quality supply.

A solution for every need

  • New supply.
  • Increase in capacity.
  • Change of fuel.
  • Improved supply: Quality, continuity and safety.
  • Additional savings on you energy bill.

Key in hand service

  • Personalised Consultation: We design the optimal solution, taking into account technical and economic conditions.
  • Project: We take on the comprehensive engineering project.
  • Execution: We manage the purchase of equipment and materials, as well as project execution.
  • Legalisation: We manage permits with the distributing company, as well as the rest of the necessary licenses.
  • Start Up: We carry out formal delivery of the installation and of all related technical and legal documentation.

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