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Solar Thermal Energy

Solar Thermal Energy

Make savings on your bill whilst being green. Saving hot water is the biggest advantage to your promotion.


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Solar Thermal Energy

Energía solar térmica

Turn hot water savings into your project's biggest advantage


Thermal solar energy allows water or other liquids to be heated though the transformation of solar radiation into heat. It is an efficient way of saving up to 70% of the energy necessary for the production of domestic hot water, in a space efficient installation that is the best alternative for the reduction of costs.


Why sign up for Business Solar Energy with Endesa?

  • We guarantee a wonderful experience in the management, elaboration and execution of solar thermal projects.
  • We offer comprehensive, personalized service, for both small and large installations.
  • We have more than 20 years of experience in the renewable energy sector.


The advantages of contracting with Endesa

  • Clean energy, with no atmospheric CO2 emissions.
  • Contributes to the encouragement of environmental social responsibility.
  • A solar installation inside of a building helps to improve its classification in terms of energy efficiency.
  • Maintenance is minimal: all that's needed are preventative check-ups.
  • There are numerous solutions that allow for easy incorporation of the system into the building.
  • It is an energy that is compatible with other energy supply sources.
  • It can generate savings ofup to 70% on your energy bill.

Stable Gas

Stable Gas

If your business annually consumes more than 50,000 kWh in gas and your electricity supply is Low tension with a contracted capacity greater than 15 kW, we offer you this rate to maximize your savings.

It may interest you to know about our Efficient Lighting

Eficiencia Energética

By using efficient lighting, your consumption and lighting needs will vary and will result in you saving of 80% your lighting wastage.


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