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Efficiency certificate

Efficiency certificate

In Endesa we offer you the service to obtain the Certificate, with all measurements, procedures and fees included.


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Efficiency certificate


Before you rent or sell your house or business premises, trust the experience of Endesa.

In Endesa we offer you the service to obtain the Certificate, with all measurements, procedures and fees included.


What is the energy performance certificate?

According to RD 235-2013, from June 1, 2013, all properties that are rented or sold must have the certificate of Energy Efficiency.

The Energy Performance Certificate is a document signed by the competent technician containing information on the energy characteristics and energy efficiency rating of a home, business premises, office or building.

The developer or the property owner are resposnible for requesting it.



Validity of certificate

The energy performance certificate shall be valid for ten years. No new certificate is necessary before concluding this period, provided there are no changes in aspects of the building that can reduce your score.

The owner may proceed voluntarily updating determined that there are variations in aspects of the building that can change the license.



Property to which it applies

  • New buildings.
  • Existing buildings or parts of buildings sold or rented to a new tenant, provided they do not have a valid certificate.
  • Buildings or parts of buildings where a public authority occupies a total useful surface above 250 m2 and that are frequently visited by the public.



Energy efficiency label

It is the badge that notes the energy efficiency qualification level obtained by the building or building unit. Obtaining the energy efficiency certificate will grant the right of use, during the term thereof, of the energy label (link to pdf. of energy efficiency label and mode) which will be included in any offer, promotion and advertising directed at the sales or rental of the building or building unit.



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