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Endesa - Electricity, Gas, People

Customer Service


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      Care and Contracting

      800 76 09 09

      Endesa Energía

      800 76 03 33

      Endesa Energía XXI 

      Look at your bill:  if Endesa Energía XXI appears then you are a customer of the regulated market (VPSC tariff) and we will attend the second phone. 


      What is your marketer?

      In your bill it may appears Endesa Energía (free market) or Endesa Energía XXI (regulated market). 

      Do you call from outside Spain?

      0034 - 937 061 510

      Endesa Energía 

      0034 - 937 061 509

      Endesa Energía XXI

      We also serve you in Spanish and Catalan.

      Technical service


      Please contact the distributer for your geographical area:

      900 85 08 40

      (*) According to the New Law of Consumption of Catalonia.

      We put at your disposal the list of all the distributors by Autonomous Communities here .


      Control your energy remotely

      With the Endesa Clients app you can manage your electricity and gas contract on smartphone or tablet
      Download it now!

      How to apply for the Social Rate

      See offices by appointment only

      Enquire for your appointment and avoid waiting!

      See offices and service points:

                  Before visiting your office remember...

                  You can also contact us at

                  PCSs activation campaign: if you do not have PCS (what is the PCS?) your electric supply may be interrupted. Here we inform you about it.