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The Endesa electronic bill


The Endesa electronic bill

Fri May 23 12:16:58 CEST 2014
Digitising your Endesa bill allows you to continue having all the information contained in the paper bill, plus a collection of exclusive advantages:  
  • Faster: what you now receive on paper will arrive a week earlier by email. The bank will not have charged you yet, but you’ll know everything.  
  • More information: in the same email, without even having to click, you’ll have the details of your bill. In your private area, you’ll benefit from information you’ve never had before. And if you want to continue checking your bill in that way that you always have, you can print it whenever you want.   
  • More control: you will know your consumption instantly – how much you are spending at any time – and you can set up alerts that will warn you when you exceed a certain limit of euros or kWh.  
  • More savings: by digitising your bill and registering at you will get access to personalised saving tools. Based on your consumption data, we will help you to reduce the bill. 
  • Enviromentally friendly: a tree produces 8,000 sheets of paper. What could we achieve if millions of people stopped receiving their bills in paper form?  
  • Also on your mobile/tablet: all the advantages and all the management tools are available from your smartphone/tablet. 
Activating the digital bill is not a question of take it or leave it. It’s true that you will stop receiving your paper bills, but you can change your mind and return to the traditional bill at any time. Just one click from your private area and you will have your bills back on paper, without any penalty.  
  • When you sign up for an Endesa rate, check the conditions: at times (for example, with the One rate) it is necessary to have an electronic bill to apply the benefits of the rate.  
Yes. In case of an incident, or if you need to complain, the digital bill has the same validity as the paper bill or more (since it provides more information).
The Endesa digital bill is completely secure thanks to the digital signature, which guarantees the authenticity of the issuer and the integrity of its content.
Endesa has an electronic certificate from the Notarial Certification Agency that allows us to incorporate an advanced electronic signature in all the bills.