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One way to save electricity and water in the home is to use the dishwasher responsibly.
We'll help you to use this appliance with the most efficient energy output. We'll tell you how:

Keep your dishwasher in good condition; it can help you save.


  • Lightly clean dishes before placing them in the dishwasher, so that the debris does not obstruct the filters.

  • Clean filters periodically.

  • Adjust the correct amount of brightener.


How can I save while using the dishwasher?


  • Wait for the dishwasher to be full before using it. Best performance is achieved with it entirely full.

  • Buy low consumption electric appliances. These include options to select the washing water temperature. In this way, the dishwaher will take advantage of the heat from each washing for cleaning or drying.

  • If you have a time restriction rate use the dishwasher during the off-peak hours as often as possible. Each washing will cost half as much, and you will be helping to care for the environment.

  • In order to lower your energy bill, choose high energy efficiency electrical appliances (class A, A+, A++ and A+++).

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